• Engagement in Execution ;Participatory Architecture

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    Sajida foundation with the support of Concern World Wide, Dhaka city corporation, and Water Aid is designed to support these street dwellers to get access to these basic facilities. Maniknagar PDC (Pavement Dwellers’ Centre), is one of the currently operating PDCs in Dhaka, where children and women dwellers are the prior concern. We, Paraa...

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    Lal Beguni Shwapno: Promo Trailer_Pakhi’s Story

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    Here is a snippet of whats to come in the Premiere of Lal Begun Shwapno this Monday at the EMK Centre, Dhaka. The event is free, and we encourage everybody to share this trailer, to increase awareness and show support for the children involved in making these films. Book your tickets here

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    Image: (T) Tarannum Nibir, (B) Rainbow Collective PRESS RELEASE | 25 May 2015 FREE EVENT | WORLD PREMIERE OF FILM LAL BEGUNI SHWAPNO AT THE EMK CENTRE, DHAKA Monday June 1st, 2015?Time: 06:00 PM Venue: EMK Center 9th Floor, Midas Center, No. 5, Road 16 (old 27), Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1205 Dear Friends, You are...

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    Amrao Manush Design Charrette Exhibition

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    We are excited to announce our second exhibition at the Paraa studio, comprising of a series of proposals designed by students for Sajida Foundation’s Amrao Manush project.  This is a very special project for all of us, as it looked at the role of architecture in dealing with vulnerable communities and how to design...

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    Students’ reflections of ‘Amrao Manush’ design charrette

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    It was great to see the works of the students. Their ideas, thoughts and consistency was pretty impressive. Despite the limitations, they were able to come up with different proposals focusing on different aspect.Their proposals clarify their observation skills and also their preference towards the beneficiaries. We wanted to know their reflections. Their leanings,...

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