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    The evening was spectacular, positive and glamorous,  Paraa is thrilled with the outcome, it gives us the perfect platform to take a team to Bangladesh in April and develop further the library and learning centre for the urdu-speaking minority community alongside nurturing talented designers from all across the globe.

    All Silk Yards of the Benarasi, held at Christ Church, Spitalfields on 24th November 2011 was the first of a series of year-long events for the first project Paraa is undertaking.  The evening comprised of a fashion show highlighting and showcasing the potential of the materials being produced in Bangladesh by the Urdu Speaking Minority community, focusing on the Benarasi and Mirpuri Silk Saree’s, the history of which spans through centuries and many countries.  Paraa tasked 9 designers with re-interpreting the material as a potential for creating a collection suitable to a professional and western audience.  Each designer had their individual response showcased on the catwalk.  We will be creating a short online catalogue and editorials on individual collections over the next few weeks.

    We have profiled the designers here:

    The event was hosted by Sonia Yasmin Ali and opened by his Excellency the High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Dr Sayeedur Rahman Khan. A short presentation on the history of Spitalfields and its own silk story was delivered by John Baker, avid supporter and advisor to Paraa, his article is accessible here:

    And then we were treated to the visual feast which was the catwalk! Music was supplied by Sam Zaman and the catwalk was choreographed by Deborah Britz and her team of experts.  Designers present were given flowers and

    A short speech highlighting the key reasons behind why Paraa was created and the objectives behind the first project followed the show. They thanked the audience and all the supporters and volunteers and the evening then broke into networking and light snacks and refreshments. A video on the silk weavers process in Mirpur can be found here

    We have a video of the evening currently in production by award winning short films producer Ashley Belgrave which will be uploaded on youtube soon! and below are some photographs by Enamul Hoque (www.enamul.co.uk), our photographer for the event.

    The next steps for Paraa on this project will be to create and establish the library and learning centre over the next 6 months as well as explore market opportunities for the Benarasi Silk fabric.  We will be taking a group of young up-coming fashion designers, artists, film-makers, photographers and experts in the fashion marketing and selling to Bangladesh in April 2012 and coming back to London in Autumn 2012 for a bigger, better and exciting show.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of team, as well as all of our supporters and we look forward to new partnerships, supporters and new members joining us as we go forward in what definitely is a bold, challenging, dynamic and a socially driven agenda for the young Paraa team.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event and as soon as we have the video ready, for those that missed the evening, see you in late January 2012!


     Ceremony opened by his Excellency the High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Dr Sayeedur Rahman Khan
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)


    Designer: Caroline Drewes
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)

    Designer: Karishma Shahani (female models) Rahemur Rahman (male)
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)

    Designer: Rahemur Rahman (Ray)
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)

    Designer: Rukia Begum
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)

    Designer: Kuhu Plamondon

    Designer: Fatima Guenzaouz
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)

    Our host for the evening, Sonya Yasmin Ali
    (photo credit Enamul Hoque www.enamul.co.uk)

    A Huge Thank you to all of the members of the Paraa team, our  sponsors,  supporters and volunteers.


    The team that helped to pull it all together from the beginning :
    Sherita  		Juliana	        	Mishty			Maher 	    
    Saif 			Ruhel			Mushahid bhai           Sam
    John Baker		Ruhul			Deborah                 Dr Lynne Hammond
    Wasia			Nazmus			Gosbert 	        Ray
    Sarah Jane		Nusrat			Mamun			Fats Cakes
    Rukia 			Sanjana		        Abbas Noakhesteh        Runi Khan
    Rahel 			Suraiya + Danny         Tillek                  Karishma Shahani
    Hasan bhai              Ain		        Khalid	                Maryam Bilal
    Fatima Guenz            Tootli Rahman           Kuhu Plamondon          Sujon
    Caroline Drewes         Muhammad Ahmedullah
    Alongside the guys above - All the volunteers that came to pitch in on the day :) Thank you very much.


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