• Cycle of Care: The Tiny Directors

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    The main concept is letting the kids exploring their creative boundaries on film making. Film is a strong media to express ones perspective and thoughts. By making their own film, kids get to share their unique thought processes directly with the world.

    On the first day of the workshop we went to visit a transitional shelter for street kids : Shetu  which is under care of LEEDO. There we introduced the idea of film being “the media of one’s story telling” to the kids there. We showed them the movie “MASS E BHAT” directed by Hannan Majid and Richard York, which is based on the scenario of street kids on Dhaka city. We showed them how  kids can express themselves , share their lifestyles and also can show anything they want in a film.

    Finally we got six potential kids who shared their personal stories with us ; Hasan, Bonna , Brishti , Tania , Farzana  and  Jasmin.   We asked them to come up with storyboards, and asked what they really want to show the world.

    The response was AMAZING! All of them came up with different storyboards with unique stories. And all of them are brilliant. Some are simple yet extraordinary in being simple, some are intense, some reflected their own stories, some expressed how they survive in the streets. Facts what amazed us are their capability, creativity and directness.

    With six brilliant storyboards in hand, today and tomorrow we will help them to shoot their own movies. The location will be the exact locations they mentioned in the storyboards. They will be the in charge of the camera and the scenes and shots will be put according to their cinematography and direction. We will be there to guide the kids with operating cameras and teaching some basics.

    We are happy and excited with this project with the kids , it’s a wonderful experience to be a part of their story telling.


    More updates coming up. Wish us luck.

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