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    Reflections by Deepto:

    Today was the 5th day of the Amrao Manush Design Charrette.
    We had a series of presentations by friends as well as a solid feedback session with architect Hasibul Kabir and Arefin, Lizu as well as Imran Jamal.

    Every group is developing their thinking process as time goes on, and they have been researching and thinking creatively to do great in this competitive competition.

    The day started with a presentation of an young architect Abdullah Lizu, who has been working with the UN’s Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction(UPPR) for over a year. He has shared his experience of community participation, especially some stories behind the success and failures.

    After lunch we had another presentation by Imran Jamal who discussed about ‘Reflexivity’ and how to practice and learn it and its importance. It was a very interesting discussion for the students. Participants shared their knowledge about Reflexivity and how they used it on the field. The discussion gone deeper as the term reflexivity carries a complicated meaning. Reflexivity is needed to blend in with the community, to understand more about them and about their stories and by this discussion students learned about the methodology to practice it.

    And finally the design review started. Each group sat with Tahmid, Kabir sir, Ruhul and Arefin when he joined. Students shared their design and creative solutions and asked for feedback. Many teams from the participants had outstanding ideas and made some good solutions of the problems. looking forward to seeing those presentations on Saturday morning.

    The groups will present to the users of the centres, some guests, as well as the PDC managers and senior management team. The competition process has been a challenge and I am looking forward to seeing how the groups responded to the brief!

    Everyone is welcome, Jury will commence from 9.30am and last the whole morning.

    The address for the Studio is: Flat 1B, House 3, Road 7, Block C, Niketon, Gulshan 1, Dhaka for those interested in attending.

    Contact: 01799437914 / Ruhul for any information about attending.P1380119 P1380153 P1380160 P1380163 P1380174 P1380176 P1380178 P1380187


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