• Students’ reflections of ‘Amrao Manush’ design charrette

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    It was great to see the works of the students. Their ideas, thoughts and consistency was pretty impressive. Despite the limitations, they were able to come up with different proposals focusing on different aspect.Their proposals clarify their observation skills and also their preference towards the beneficiaries.

    We wanted to know their reflections. Their leanings, thoughts, sectors of improvement, their experiences etc. Here are feedback from some participants of the Design Charrette:

    1. It’s a sorry thing to forget how it was to be kid. And it’s a great thing to get back to childhood again. I got more than I expected and hoped for from this week long program. Experienced a lot and learned from many experts and tried to do a ‘good’ thing. To solve a problem is good but adding a bit hope makes it a thing of beauty. It was great at paraa. Look forward for more.

    2. I sat for writing up a feedback and was wondering which part to focus on? There were just so many. However I personally would describe this experience as a journey towards exploring my own self further more. All through it I had to consistently question myself and rethink about the preconceived ideas and philosophies as to what and why I am doing this. There were of course challenges of coming up with technical solutions within the limitations. But what touched me most was the process of self evolution. To me, thinking is existing, and this studio made me rethink over and over again, which was a great personal benefit indeed.Besides, this was a kind of work I hope of doing every time we get worried about our society, but never practically did one in this broad form, so it was a very appreciable initiative and I’m looking forward to involve even more!

    3. At first I want to thank PARAA for creating such an attempt for the student like us to take part in this interesting work .In this week long workshop I learn many things and it helps me to realize the real condition of the women and children of the street .It also enable me to know their psychological condition ,their need. As there were no tight schedule like our university it helps me more. Finally I like to say that I personally want to work with you guys in future.

    4. The Amrao Manush competition has been a great experience as we got to explore and think about things in a broader angle; more like thinking out of the box. It has given us a glimpse of practicality. We being architecture students are always confined to think about functions and forms but in this process we forget the main subject, we forget to ask ourselves who we are designing for and whether the space will be adapted by the people we are designing for. This project has taught us not only about the hardship and struggling of the street dwellers but has also given us a new perspective of how we look at our community and the people itself.

    5. Getting the opportunity to be a part of this workshop/competition has been an amazing experience for me.I have learned so much from my co-peers, the organizers and most of all the, beneficiaries. They have taught me, how to perceive the world from their point of view. how to just stay happy with what one manages to achieve. This was a wonderful experience for me. Architecturally speaking, I have learnt on how to be more open minded and work with real-life practical issues, how to deal with social problems and finding efficient tactical ways to resolve them. I am proud to say that I was/am involved with this project. Thank you Paraa, Amrao Manush and Sajida Foundation for all their co-operation. I hope I get more chance to learn more amazing stuff from here.Cant wait for whats coming next!

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