• Reflections: Premiere of Lal Beguni Shwapno and Panel Discussion led by the young directors

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    The premiere of Lal Beguni Shwapno took place at the EMK Centre in Dhaka to a packed room of children, friends, colleagues and the public on the 1st of June.

    Jasmine, Tanya, Farzana and Nizam need to be commended for their fantastically fearless presentations about problems on the streets and the ways forward. The drawings were sharp, clear and articulated much better than any policy paper could have about the issues that need to addressed still.

    What amazed me was the energy that was carried throughout the evening – we spent the last 2 weeks preparing the presentation and working with the children for them to be ready. The film, of course was shot and made in November and The Rainbow Collective have sent across interviews by the children too which was screened.

    I don’t think we had any clue how amazing they would be really. These children led by example, and indeed are leaders in their own right now. it is their energy that carried our chair through the evening. Nibir controlled the evening flawlessly and provided much needed support to the children as they developed the presentations.

    It signals the beginning of a long process, where accountability and service delivery can be questioned with the children at the centre. They know best their problems, and with a little help, they can develop solutions that will help to transform the lives of children on the streets, we hope. WE are reframing the dialogue and the language being used, and more importantly, we are allowing the children to speak freely.  They are doing so with a confidence that requires to be acknowledged, and supported.

    Next steps: Watch this space, ideas are beginning to formulate within the studio about the crucial next steps for the film and the childrens ideas.

    (Photo credits: Deepto, Tanvir)

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