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    The site in Bosilla, Mohammadpur

    Interaction Session at Peace Home, LEEDO for the Design Charrette ‘Growing Up’

    Written by Farasha Zaman | 2nd January 2016

    Paraa and the shortlisted participants for the design charrette ‘Growing Up’, spent a wonderful day of learning and playing games with the children of the LEEDO Peace Home. The session was planned to give participants an opportunity to have first hand interaction with the children and orientation of the site.

    Starting with basic introductory sessions, the participants and Paraa engaged in games such as ‘tang- bang’ and more with the children. A discussion with the participants on their initial conceptual thoughts regarding the idea of a ‘recreational urban agriculture’ continued after a short tour through the project site. Aspects of children’s needs, plant typology, sustainable revenue generating processes, economic architectural solutions, future development plans for the Peace Home and much more was discussed.

    Amongst many thoughts, one group of students discussed how a project involving the daily users of the home will allow for a sense of ownership and build confidence. A group focused on the thought of how the site being a part of Bosilla housing, which will soon be developed into housing apartments discussed the potential of how this project could set an example of ‘a self sufficient urban garden,’ inspiring the community around or to become a space of ‘green escape’ within all the surrounding concrete. While one group focused on the idea of building their project solely on the psychological development of children, another worked to develop an idea of ‘agricultural partitions that change with the seasons.’

    Throughout the coming week, participants have been suggested to organize participatory, design and analytical sessions, with an understanding of the impact that their workshops will leave on the children. A second lecture series, tentatively on 8th December 2016 will allow participants to develop their ideas further through discussions and feedback from key experts.

    We are excited about this project, and there will be much to discuss and share in the next few weeks.IMG_2784





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