• Film Screening in ‘ We Grow We Tell ‘

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    We Grow We Tell was an architectural exhibition highlighting the process and outcome of the recent student design competition, which Paraa held in collaboration with children charity LEEDO. The exhibition also held a film screening on the 22nd May.

    The film screening consisted of four films:
    1. Lal Beguni Shwapno by kids from LEEDO
    2. 7up by kids from LEEDO and Sajida Foundation
    3. Icche by kids from Korail slum
    4. Bhul Bibaho by kidsfrom Korail slum

    All of these four films were made by kids from different shelters (of LEEDO and Sajida foundation), kids from Komlapur train station and Shadarghat boat terminal, and kids living in Korail slum. After some basic training and idea-sharing with the Paraa and the Rainbow Collective teams, the kids drew their own storyboards following their scripts or concepts and shot their movies according to their storyboards. Other than some minor edits, the movies are solely made by the kids.

    The films are simple reflections of their thoughts, their life , their happiness, their miseries and their dreams. Different short stories were about different topics like life on the street, the dream of getting a better education, value of friendship, misery of street girls, early marriages etc.

    These movies project what they go through in their daily lives, moments of joy as well as how they suffer or overcome problems. They are refreshingly simple yet surprisingly direct.

    The film screening started with a small introduction by the kids from LEEDO Peace Home.

    Some of the directors of the films were also there. They also talked about their experiences while they shot the films.

    After film screening, the kids took a tour with the guests of the exhibition. They explained how they renovated their shelter with Paraa team and students from BRAC University. They talked about their organic garden proudly and shared their experiences.

    Later we all sat together, played some games, sang together and had a wonderful evening.

    Here are some pictures the day :







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