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    Paraa, in collaboration with Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Leedo, launched a two-day design charrette on April, 2016. The competition sought to develop ideas of a ‘child friendly space’ exploring aspects of designing a sense of belonging within an area of temporary existence.

    It was aimed at students, recent graduates and young architects of Bangladesh. Four teams: Kabbo (North South University), Khelagari (comprising of members from Bengal Institute), Bittanto (Premier University Chittagong) , and Aborton (Premier University Chittagong) took part in this Charrette.

    After the first day of primary idea sharing and site visit, students had the freedom to proceed as they want to. They were encouraged to go to the site more and engage with the kids, share their ideas and to get feedback. On the 24th of May, a review session held in Paraa studio.

    On the 26th,jury started with an exhibition tour of ” Growing up”, followed by a brief introduction by Ruby Apa from Aparajeyo Bangladesh.It was comprised of a presentation and critical feedback session from the jury board and audience.

    We invited the kids from Aparajeyo Bangladesh , Ruby Apa, Architect Kaisar Hossain , Architect Farasha Zaman to the Jury board with Paraa team.

    The jury presentations shed light on the various emphases of the proposals. Students came up with different concepts. Some analysed the urban context through power structures and explored the daily lives of the children.Some worked to achieve ‘functionality’ through the project. And some worked on developing an interactive space for the children.

    The kids loved almost all the ideas. And later gave a review on which ideas they liked the most.

    Architect Kaisar Hossain rounded up the session with a motivational speech.

    It is always great to experience the enthusiasm of young souls. We encourage their effort of coming up with different solutions. It was also a knowledge sharing experience with great new insights for the Paraa team.
    Soon, we will be publishing the result.

    Paraa wishes good luck to all the participants and thanks everyone who were involved and supported this charrette.

    Here goes some snaps of the day:








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