• Bamboo design build workshop

    Bamboo Design Build Play: Construction from Paraa bd on Vimeo.

    Paraa in collaboration with EMK Centre, Leedo and Ghorami.JON conducted an intensive ten-day Design – Build Bamboo workshop based in Dhaka. The workshop will primarily focus on experimenting with design and learning about bamboo as an architectural material and its possibilities.

    The workshop will be divided into two parts:

    Structured series of presentations and lectures lead by renowned national experts, artisans and architects which will focus on the following topics:

    • bamboo as a natural resource,
    • the methods of growing and culturing bamboo,
    • bamboo in product design and crafts,
    • bamboo as the next generation building material
    • methods of treating bamboo
    • participatory design approach and its importance
    • Strategic planning incorporating entrepreneurial thinking

    Design – build series where participants will be working together to design a public play space. To enroll in hands-on workshops guided by skilled experts on bamboo construction and get the opportunity to build their ideas.


    The ‘public’ play space:
    Set within a context which is soon to be engulfed in a dense fabric of concrete jungles, the project aims to act as an urban breathing space, serving not only to the immediate surrounding community but to all those within Dhaka. The project challenge is also to design a method of revenue generation through functions of play and recreation.

    The primary user group of this space is comprised of vulnerable urban children. What adds to the complexity is that this space is to be designed also for public use over certain periods of time, to generate revenue, social interaction and knowledge exchange. Participants will be encouraged to think of an experiential urban platform of learning and sharing among children, the surrounding community and visitors from within Dhaka or otherwise, which embodies an environment conscious design.

    The design of the play space is to incorporate the following crucial aspects and beyond

    • child friendly design ideas,
    • low building and maintenance cost,
    • designing and building through participation,
    • economic sustainability of the project,
    • designing to reduce environmental pollution,
    • methods of thermal cooling in urban public spaces,
    • earthquake resilience,
    • creative methods of resource collection

    Existing site plan / images will be sent to successful participants

     Decision making team in the final design before execution:
    The users of the space; namely the children and the community along with invited guests, academics and experts.

    The EMK Centre Small Grants is kindly supporting this project.
    The project is sponsored by Nupami BD and Sajida Foundation.