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    We are collaborating with fashion designers from the UK, Bangladesh and India to create a platform for the material that is produced by the community in Dhaka. We also want to raise awareness of the versatility of the community that produces the Benarasi saree and the Mirpur silk sarees.

    A need for sustainability, longevity, change and education are the foundations behind Paraa and its first project.  Paraa hopes to create a lasting legacy for the silk-weavers and the creative industries of both the UK and Bangladesh throughfashion design by collaborating with a host of organisations.

    The show is part of a 3-part project that will focus on the designers and their design process,looking at the process of the production of the material in Bangladesh. Coupled with seminars, presentations and workshops throughout the project.

    1: LONDON – November 2011

    2: LONDON – February 2013

    3: DHAKA – June/July 2013

    Film of the production of the Benarasi by Nazmus

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