• Design Charrette: Amrao Manush



    We realise the current situation of the country means that these dates may be subject to change.  All selected participants have been informed and will be given detailed briefs when they arrive for induction.

    What is the Amrao Manush project?

    The Amrao Manush Project is run by SAJIDA Foundation to address the most marginalized and excluded group of the society that is the pavement dwellers. The project aims to change the livelihood of the people living on the streets by providing different services. The pavement dwellers are exposed to various risks and pity on the streets. Thus to protect and as a means of inclusion to raise dignity and change in societal mind set, pavement dwellers center have been established. The services rendered through the centers are as follows:

    • Day care center for children with education, nutrition and health support

    • Night shelter for the women, adolescent girls and children to detain the risks of staying on the streets

    • Savings services to support the building of wealth, financing income generating activities and facing any health or external crisis

    • Curative health care services and referrals through linkages

    • Hygiene promotion along with bathing, lavatory and cooking facilities

    • Awareness on health issues especially HIV/STI/RTI and menstrual hygiene

    • Training on Income Generating Activities and Apprenticeship

    • Training on leadership and development of human capital

    • Promoting socialization and group bonding

    • Admission of children into primary schools

    • Ensuring birth certification and national identification

    • Promotion of basic human rights through advocacy with the government

    For more information on the Amrao Manush project you can click here.

    For more information on Sajida Foundation click here.

    What are the requirements for participation?

    Registration deadline – Thursday 29th January 2015

    The competition is aimed at groups of minimum 3 persons which must include an architecture student. Each group will be assigned an individual site and its community to work with. This will include field visits, consultation workshops, as well as design participation workshops.

    Each working group must include:

    – A minimum of 3 people with at least one architecture student in the group

    – Only current undergraduate or graduate students of any discipline from any university

    – Each group to submit all participant names, with a group name and with copies of Student identification card to:

    With the subject heading: Amrao Manush Design Charrette

    For any urgent enquiries, you can send an email to: ruhul@paraa.org.uk

    or call

    Prince: 01722656068

    Schedule of Activities


    We realise the current situation of the country means that these dates may be subject to change. In the case of changes, we will do our best to inform everyone as quick as possible. In any case, if Hartals are declared, workshops will not take place.

    To be confirmed by 29th January (please revisit as we will update this)

    Each workshop is designed to provide the student with first hand experience and understanding of how to work with communities in a participatory an


    Groups will be provided further background material on project and process from the 27th January 2015, including selected sites and some reading materials on design participation processes.

    Site Allocation
    Each site has a different brief, and teams will be assigned a site.
    WORKSHOP 1 Sunday 1st February to include site visit (9am – 5pm)

    Welcome from Sajida Foundation Executive Director, introduction to sites from Shelter managers, and design briefing from Paraa team – teams will be able to visit sites.

    11am – 2pm
    Teams to be taken to sites

    Discussions amongst groups and preparation of work plans

    WORKSHOP 2 – 2nd February (11am – 4pm)

    Work plan and design participation processes presentation from groups and feedback from other groups and facilitators

    WORKSHOP 3 – 3rd February (material experimentation and field visits) 

    Allocation of areas for studying material survey and selection

    WORKSHOP 4 4-5th February (All day)

    Design workshops either on site, or in Paraa Studio (depending on work plans) Development of presentation drawings / models / details
    (Max 2 A1 Sheets) to include concept development, method and construction process plus any models. (No 3D

    Work plans for construction management

    JURY – Final Presentation 7h February ( to jury )
    12pm – 3pm (10 minute presentation to include drawings and/or models)
    (5 minute time slots will be allocated to each group with 5 mins feedback)
    Chief Guest(s) : Khondakar Hasibul Kabir, Architect, BRAC University 

    Jury board: Amrao Manush co-ordinators, Centre managers, Beneficiaries, Sajida Foundation executive board member(s) Paraa team and other invited guests.

    WORKSHOP 5 for competition winners

    Selected winners to amend and finalise work plans

    BUILD – 10th February – 14th February

    Winning teams to work on site.

    Final Exhibition – Paraa Studio (open to public)
    Dates to be confirmed (19th – 26th February )

    Closing Ceremony and Award to winners :
    5.00 pm – 7.00 pm (26th February)