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    Local Education and Economic Development Organization – LEEDO – is a nonprofit organization established in Bangladesh (2000). To improve the lives of vulnerable urban children, especially those living on streets in critical areas, LEEDO field volunteers work to offer them with choices within their environment and assist them to make significant decisions by building trust. LEEDO primarily works with volunteers, running SHETU, a Transition Shelter (with Muslim Charity UK) in Babubazaar, which accommodates rescued vulnerable children for some time, especially girls, before they can be returned to their guardians, if any. However, many of the children have no place of belonging, or what we know as ‘home’. So, they are eventually given lodging, food and a minimal health support at a recently built Peace Shelter by LEEDO, at Bosila, near Mohammdpur.


    With the support of Paraa, LEEDO aspires to help the residents of this shelter, housing a mix of 40 boys and girls, including some with disabilities and 2 guardians/mothers, adapt a self-dependent and sustainable project, to help ensure a secured future. Currently enrolled for formal schooling nearby. The routine of the children is being encouraged to include more extracurricular and recreational activities. Incorporating spaces for psychological development, a meditative environment and other much needed spaces at this growing age are proposed within the lodging area.

    On the basis of these gripping issues, and focusing on the idea of recreational urban agriculture, LEEDO and Paraa launch ‘GROWING UP,’ an open design competition for students and fresh graduates. An additional plot of 1 Katha has been recently made available and the intention is to combine the opportunity to grow healthy nutritious food for the children, and combine playful, income generating activities.

    The site: Peace Home, LEEDO at Bosila, Mohammadpur
    (more detailed drawings and site plans will be provided to registered groups)

    Participants will be highly encouraged to address the following issues, and beyond:

    • Productive ecosystems, especially playful children friendly growing systems.
    • Sustainable architecture which incorporates disability friendly components (or universally accessible)
    • Economic solutions/proposals designed with low cost materials
    • Participatory / collaborative methods
    • Durable materials
    • Processes enhancing self dependency of this community

    Participants will receive guidance through a series of short, dedicated workshops regarding site context, the lifestyle and psychological behavior of the children, productive organic agriculture and more, organized by LEEDO and Paraa.

    The Children of the Peace Home will be the main jurors, along with an invited group of special guests including Architects, Agricultural experts and individuals involved in working with children.


    The below schedule is the tentative outline – as this is a fast-paced project, we expect groups to respect the timelines and especially for site visits / feedback sessions. These are valuable opportunities to access much needed information in relation the wider issues the brief requests to be addressed.

    COMPETITION LAUNCHED:                                                26.12.2015
    REGISTRATION CLOSED:                                                        29.12.2015 [SHARP MIDNIGHT]
    WORSHOP ONE:                                                                        01.01.2016
    Site context and child behaviour
    WORKSHOP TWO:                                                                    08.01.2016
    Growing systems and organic agriculture

    JURY AND PRESENTATION:                                                  15.01.2016
    Children of the Peace Home, Architects and other invited guests.
    Dates are subject to change if organizing committee feels necessary. Times will be provided with more detailed outline to registered groups.


    • The competition is aimed at groups of minimum 3 and maximum 5 participants, which must include one architecture student.
    • Current undergraduate(those who have successfully completed third year, first semester, in case of an architecture student) or recent graduates of any discipline from any university are encouraged
    • Participants are to have a basic understanding of methods, or research/request the relevant available methods, of analyzing the site and its community critically, upon visit.
    • Applicants are to be aware of participatory/collaborative design methods (groups will be given further in this process through discussions)

    Each group must submit the following information to info@paraa.org.uk, with the subject heading: “GROWING UP”, upon registration.

    • Full names of all participants
    • Individual Student Identification card
    • A group name of own choice

    Email urgent enquiries to: