• Library for Camp-dwelling Urdu speaking community

    Research publication:


    Our pilot project is to create a library for the Camp-dwelling Urdu speaking minority community in Bangladesh

    Nazmus is currently in the process of researching for the project, working with local partners on the ground in Dhaka.

    The project’s aim is to look at creating a repository of cultural heritage and become a centre for learning for the Urdu speaking minority in Bangladesh.

    We have surveyed and confirmed the space which we are going to develop for the community in the Geneva camp of Mohammadpur.

    We will update this page as soon as we have finished our research in Bangladesh

    Overview of project:

    Urdu-Speaking community library and learning centre, 


    To raise the education standards of the camps through a proactive training and learning space, targeting children that are unable to attend school due to work.

    To create a repository and digital archive of their culture and heritage and to share this with mainstream Bangladeshsociety, connecting with other libraries and resource centres. (Bishwa Sahitya Kendra, British Council Library, National Library)

    Collaborating with UK-based partners (OpenVizor, Gandhi Foundation) to advocate issues regarding education and living standards of camps


    A detailed mapping of knowledge hubs in camps, focusing on creating a digital database that can be developed over time to become a thriving hub of exchange and learning

    The conversion of a building into a learning centre and library (300 sq. metres, building surveyed and principal agreements with landlord in place)

    Partnering with Al-Falah, to work on their leadership training program, facilitating participatory workshops aimed at sustainable practice and growth of the community.

    Partnering with local camp based organisations, AYGUSC and Al-Falah, and Dhaka University’s RMMRU and BRAC University architecture Department to research and develop future rehabilitation strategies.


    September-October 2011: Mapping Research (with architecture students from various universities inDhaka)

    November 2011: Fashion show inLondon – showcasing garments and silks produced in the camp and then worked on by fashion designers inBangladesh andUK

    Jan 2012- Present – research and workshops with community members (to be published October 2012)

    November 2012 :Launch of UK based Social Enterprise ‘All Silk Yards of the Benarasi’ – profits to be channeled towards library and training centre – working with silk-weavers and young designers from across London and Dhaka.

    February 2013: Fashion show in London to showcase work over the one year period and progress, raising awareness of key issues still needing focus.

    March 2014+: Creation of Library and training centre (tbc)